Using Social Networking Sites to Meet New People

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Social networking sites are used worldwide by millions of people. People use social networking sites to meet new people or even contact a friend. Social networking sites help people keep inter connected.
Family/Friend Interaction and Promoting Themselves
Family members or friends can stay in touch or talk to each other off of social networking sites. In the article “Social Networking Websites Provide A Healthy Way to Improve Friendships” Whittaker says that “Some people may want an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends, some may for business or job finding.” Social networking sites are an easy to contact a family member you maybe haven’t seen in like months by just sending them a quick and easy message. Also, “Social networking sites include dating and communication services such as and that reaffirm offline relationships and forms for music and movie lovers like”(Whittaker) These networks help people find a match or create a profile that they can share their interest on.
Social networking sites allow people to show there interest and background. In addition, these sites help share personals things and interest “Social networking websites are virtual communities that encourage and foster interaction among members of a group by allowing them to past personal information communicate with other users and connect their personal profiles to others.”(Belanger) These sites help people share age, birthday,
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