Uwp1 Reflection

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As the time goes by, it comes to the end of my first quarter in UC Davis. In my first quarter, I decided to take the UWP 21 course to improve my English language skills, learn new knowledge about writing, and eventually become a better writer. After a consecutive series of academic study, I believe that I have made great progress in my writing ability and been qualified to attend the UWP22 course for new challenges.
Before I came to UC Davis, I had taken the ESL test on the internet to evaluate my English reading and Writing skills. The result did not turn out to be very satisfactory to me. Since I conceded that I still have plenty of writing strategy to learn and lots of writing errors to correct, I wished to perfect myself by taking the UWP21 course.
UWP21 is the first course that taught me how to get into the university study formation. In the class lecture time, I appreciated the basic rules and genres of writing. During the exercise time, I kept practicing writing essays, doing peer reviews with my classmates and accomplishing writing tasks every week with the assistance of my professor. These class contents were unfamiliar to me, however, helped me a lot on writing grammar and structure. Among all the assignments I wrote, I regard that the assignment1 can be the most challenging task for me. Although
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In this training, I need to write a complete essay in about 20 minutes without the help of the phone or computer. At the first GTW practice, with the pressure from the limited class time, I made about 11 simple grammar mistakes in the essay. Then the professor asked us to do the Error logs which can help me to realize the vulnerable part of my way to use grammar. After several weeks, I got accustomed to GTW and finished the fifth GTW essay rapidly with only a few mistakes. Therefore, I realized this project’s objective. It truly enhanced my proofreading ability and reduced my rate of grammar
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