Value Of Family Essay

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The concept of family can often be seen as the foundation a person is made upon. Everyone has a family whether it’s an actual biological family or close friendships that are now considered family. Many American values can be sourced from family because that’s where someone comes from so it is more than likely that a family shares the same values such as honesty, religion, and equality. It is generally said that you choose your friends and not your family. This makes the bond between family members extremely strong to the point of doing anything for a family member or never losing hope for them. In all three books, The Round House, The Heretic’s Daughter, and The Color Purple, the American value of family is exemplified. Sometimes the bond between a child and their mother is so secure that when something damages that bond all hell breaks loose. In the novel, The Round House by Louise Erdrich, Joe’s mother, Geraldine, is attacked by an unknown person and almost burned alive before she could escape her attacker. This event shakes the whole reservation Joe’s family lives on, especially his direct family. Joe’s mother is extremely traumatized from this event that she suffers from PTSD and isolates herself away from the people that care about her the most. Because of this, Joe’s father, Bazil, and Joe search for any clues to find the attacker and put him behind bars. The investigation sparks a feeling of revenge in Joe that there is no limit as to how far he will go to get his

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