Verba and Non-Verbal Communication Theories Essay

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ESSAY QUESTION: Which communication theories that you have researched and applied, provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event?

In all communication events, unless there is a relationship between actions and words, the message can be wrongly interpreted. I observed a conversation between a bartender and a customer in busy and crowded bar. The customer wanted the buy one more double bourbon but the bartender refused to sell to him. This resulted in a series of communication theories, which will be analysed later.
In order to analyse the communication theories that provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event, it is necessary to …show more content…

As opposed to the verbal message, the bartender was able to decipher the nonverbal messages being sent by the customer - the disturbed balance in his movement, his glassy eyes, smell of alcohol, sweat on his face, and the muddled speech. all these indicated to the bartender that this customer is drunk.
When his request was denied, the customer became defensive saying he was not drunk. He refused the alternative non-alcoholic drinks offered by the bartender and became instantly aggressive, yelling and abusing the bartender. One could read the evidence of paralanguage in the customer’s voice. ‘Paralanguage is the vocal (but nonverbal) dimension of speech. (reading 2.2) one could read from the high pitch of his voice, and the angry tone of his voice which was becoming loud that the customer is beginning to get angry and aggressive. One could also see the angry look on his face; this is called affect display which is any emotional response in a communication.
There are also different body movements by both the bartender and the customer that all gave more meaning to the conversation. For example, when the customer could not be controlled, the bartender called the security staff by raising his hand palm up and establishing eye contact with him. The security understood immediately that his service was needed at the bar. This nonverbal body movement is called emblems. According to ( textbook p.69) ‘emblems are those gestures that have

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