Sociological Concepts And Gesture That Relates To The Comic Monstore

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Partlow IV My third sociological concept is known as a gesture which relates to the Comic Monstore because it was a way for me to build a mutual trust with the customers while helping them. I would say to them, “hello, how are you doing? If you need any help, let me know”, while shaking their hand to let them know I do care as a volunteer. That was my way of communication with the customers. A gesture is a way in which people communicate with each other using body motion (Henslin, 2017). Gesture relates to my organization because the employees want the customers to feel as welcome as possible. Noticing the customer, addressing them with an enthusiastic greeting, and a handshake helps the customer feel welcomed and free to ask questions. Gestures relate to my volunteering because, when I addressed the customers with an enthusiastic greeting, offered my help, and gave a handshake, it gave the customers the idea of feeling comfortable to ask me questions, and a few of the customers told me that I am well mannered for giving such a profound greeting when they entered the establishment. Gestures relate to my experience because, it assisted me in interacting with the customers properly so I would not feel like I am bothering them, but they would know my name, know that they may ask me questions, and I would feel comfortable knowing how to approach the customers. My fourth sociological concept is known as an acting crowd, which relates to the Comic Monstore because the day

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