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Victoria’s Secret
- Seeking for new business opportunities in the European lingerie market

The Victoria’s Secret (owned by US Limited Brands, Inc.) sells women’s intimate and other apparel, personal care and beauty products and accessories under the Victoria’s Secret and La Senza brand names. Victoria’s Secret merchandise is sold through retail stores, its website,, and through its catalogue. Through its website and catalogue, certain of Victoria’s Secret’s merchandise may be purchased worldwide. La Senza products may also be purchased through its website,
In January 2007, Victoria’s Secret completed their acquisition of La Senza Corporation. La Senza is a Canadian specialty
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The US market is also much more price driven, and lingerie (e.g. bras) cost a lot less.
In Europe there seems to be a difference between northern and southern countries. In southern Europe they buy more lingerie than in northern Europe. One of the reasons could be that women in southern Europe place more emphasis on feeling romantic and sexy. Also the more intensive sweating in these countries may lead to more purchase of lingerie. Another explanation could be, that the northern countries are colder and women wear thicker clothes, so they are not so worried about how their underwear looks.
In order to make the right approach to the lingerie market, it is vital to analyze and interpret attitudes around sex and body image correctly across international markets. In general the US lingerie market is very conservative compared to Europe, though brands like Victoria’s Secret has moved the needle in United States. While Scndinavia may have liberal attitudes to bodies and sexuality, other markets, such as India and Japan, are more demure.
As in other apparel designs, the trends in lingerie have been dictated by fabric developments. This has meant that glamour, the art of seduction, and feminine charm are all ingredients in the current vogue. In addition, many bras are designed for women who partake in jogging, aerobics, tennis, etc. to gain maximum benefit from their active lifestyles.
Regarding the distribution of the lingerie, more and more of the textile
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