Video Games And The Field Of Communication

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This week’s episode of COMMPENDIUM featured guest Rory McGloin, an individual whom Professor Stifano has known for the past ten years. Mr. McGloin is a media researcher, a director of undergraduate studies, and an instructor for the University of Connecticut’s persuasion and public speaking courses. He developed an affinity for the field of communication after taking an interpersonal course as an undergraduate at Stonehill College. However, it was not until Mr. McGloin took a media research course in his junior year that he decided to pursue this area. Most importantly, he recalled how people questioned the future and purpose of the field of communication. Specifically, Mr. McGloin’s research is on violence in video games and how it changes the perception of the game as well as one’s behavior after playing. Additional topics within this research are immersion, mental models, and interaction and involvement with various technological interfaces. His research and the evolution of communication mentioned earlier are basically tied together. Moreover, it relates to what we are currently studying, which is mass communication and how technologies evolved.
As previously mentioned, this podcast talks about how communication has expanded through technological advancement, which I think is a key point. Mr. McGloin elaborates on this by explaining how far along health communication has come. First off, individuals had limited information regarding any aspect of their health, such as
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