Village Volvo Essay

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Case study Village Volvo

1. Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package

• Supporting Facility

1. Location
Suburban location –problem: when customer bring and leave their car for reparation, they might have problems to get back to town.

2. Interior decoration
Waiting room is equipped with a TV, comfortable chairs

3. Supporting equipment?
Not specified

4. Architectural appropriateness?
New butler building (prefabricated metal structure) four work bays, an office, waiting area and storage room

5. Facility layout
-waiting areas provided mainly used for customer who come for a quick, routine jobs etc

• Facilitating goods

1. Consistency:
Excellent care of customers’ unique requirements

2. Quantity?
3. Selection
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In its particular operation area Village Volvo can feel certain in not being copied, for the simple reason that the market for this special service is to small.
Due to the fact that both owners worked for the local Volvo dealer before they have opened their own business, they have already known many clients and enjoy a good reputation as well

Even Volvo’s service is

3. Characterize Village Volvo in regard to

The Nature of service act The service of the Village Volvo is actually a ‘physical possession’ and tangible but has features of the category ‘people’s bodies’ as well.
Even the car is object of the service process car owner bring the car to village Volvo and are in consistent contact with the service firm. This means that facility design and employee interaction have a significant implication on customers’ impression.

The relationship with the customer

Village Volvo cultivates an intense contact to its customers.

Cars that have been repaired once are recorded in a system called CCVD.
However there is no formal relationship with the customer according to H. Lovelock’s matrix ‘classifying Services to gain Strategic marketing insights.
It would not make sense for village Volvo to offer a membership to the customer. Once a customer brings his/her car for reparation he/she expect the work to be done accurately, which means the
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