Essay about Virtual Situated Learning Environment (VSLE)

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There is a embarrassment of changes facing society as new interactive communication knowledge accelerates the achievements of economies of depth. of knowledge holds considerable untapped potential for performance gains". the workplace as being a stable place in a single central location, with "normal" daily hours confined to 9-5 daylight hours, is being replaced by global organizations (through globally positioned parts of the business, global outsourcing, and/or global supply chains) and global communication networks (email, global "blogs", diaries, The new global workplace requires managers factor of production, knowledge, and thus managers "manage" by the consent of the assist the growing number of "knowledge workers" to handle a large …show more content…

Despite criticism that the on-line learning environment has the potential to return carefully, the on-line environment it does provide opportunities to design a learning on designing on-line learning opportunities that are "cheaper" rather than adding value and value-adding on-line learning opportunities that do more than deliver information to use the on-line learning environment to network, share their tacit knowledge, and engage in continuous learning, particularly those located in global workplaces. This learning environment to a focus on re-designed management learning opportunities that opportunities need to cater for the time and place requirements of the global manager. VSLE can be designed to be accessible by all managers at all times and from all parts

The focus in this section is on how the on-line environment can be used to design designed to complement rather than replaced the F2F learning environment, and thus our conclusions can only relate to this mixed learning environment. other a practicing manager working as a

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