Visit An Auto Dealership, Appliance Store, Personal Care

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Visit an auto dealership, appliance store, personal care retailer, or another retailer where quality matters. Ask questions about their vehicles, appliances, or services on quality, and in particular quality improvements, they have made.

Describe the company you visited (include location/ major intersection) and your overall experience.

Store: I appliance store called "Coast Wholesale Appliances Vaughan." The store is located at 1748 Creditstone Rd #1, Concord between Rutherford and Jane, in the "business area" of Vaughan. Coastal Appliances is one of the largest appliance wholesalers in Canada. They have locations across the country from British Columbia to Ontario. Coastal Appliance sells refrigerators, stoves, small appliances, and …show more content…

-Responsiveness: employees are willing to answer customer questions in person or on the phone promptly. The equipment is then installed by a company technician at the client 's convenience.

-reliability: the companies reliability is in question because I found negative reviews online complaining about the accuracy of the service and the reliability of the products.

-assurance: Coastal Appliance is a large brand with 15 stores across Canada, they have built trust by offering superior customer service and giving the customer what they want.

- empathy: Coastal appliance adjusts their customer service based on the need of their clients.

Based on what you learned, how does the company relate quality to price and customer satisfaction?

The store employee told me that "in the appliance market, the customer gets what they pay for." I got the sense that quality, price, and customer satisfaction are closely related. As the price of the product increases, the manufacturing company will use higher quality materials and better processes. Thus, the appliance will experience fewer breakdowns and need for repairs. Furthermore, the customer will be satisfied because the machines will look good and operate as it should.

What quality programs, such as continuous improvement, has the company implemented to address quality in their operations?

Coastal appliance use employee empowerment, benchmarking, and

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