Vodafone: Out of Many, One

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Vodafone's Vision Statement Our vision is to be the world's mobile communication leader - enriching customers' lives, helping individuals, business and communities be more connected in a mobile world. Executive Summary Vodafone Group, PLC is the world's largest cell phone provider with 150 million customers and operations in 16 countries and minority stakes in companies in 10 other countries. Its first mover advantage and acquisition strategy along with its ability to continuously transform and adapt to a changing market has fostered its industry leading growth. The firm is headquartered in Newbury, England and employs 67,000 people around the world. In 2005, it was the eleventh most valuable company in the world with a market…show more content…
Leverage the competitive advantage of our employees performance and customer engagement. • Pursue growth opportunities in total communications by targeting mobile data use, broadband and enterprise services. • Execute in emerging markets by focusing on expansion within markets and mergers and acquisitions in key emerging markets such as India, Africa and the Middle East. • Strengthen capital discipline to drive shareholder returns by focusing on free cash flow generation maintain the growth strategy of investing in new and existing businesses and markets. This includes divestitures of loss-making units, a working capital reduction program and a cost reduction program. These four strategies can now be broken down into strategic objectives while performance measures are developed for each. Using the balanced scorecard, we can link strategic objectives with shareholder value maximization. This is balanced between short and long term financial and non-financial measures and internal and external performance perspectives. We can see how our business strategy provides a coordinated set of actions that are based upon the company's core competencies, will guide behavior toward achieving performance goals, and fit existing external environmental conditions. A Balanced Scorecard for Vodafone Group Perspective Strategic Objectives Measures Customer Drive
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