Walkup Harassment Report

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On August 31, 2015, at 2341 hours, I responded to headquarters for a walkup harassment complaint. Upon my arrival, I met with Ms. Elyann Doebler of 510 Rhoads Avenue in Haddon Township. Ms. Doebler related that she and her estranged husband, Steven Hoskins have been separated for approximately 2 mouths. However, Ms. Doebler allows, Mr. Hoskins to come by the residence to say goodnight to their five children routinely. On this night, after Mr. Hoskins put the children to bed, he informed Ms. Doebler that he would be spending the night on the couch. Ms. Doebler objected and an argument ensued, after which she responded to headquarters. Ms. Doebler is requesting that Mr. Hoskins leave the residence citing past assaults and past violent verbal
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