Walt Disney Identity

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When Walt Disney first opened the gates of Disneyland in 1955, he envisioned a utopian reality, where he focused on fulfilling dreams for both the young and young at heart, providing relief and comfort. Not only did he revolutionize family vacations, he believed that in hopes of creating a magical park would not only bring families together, but a place where parents and children could have fun together. As more elaborative and imaginative his park became, his creation had became a source of joy, happiness, with the hope that it would bring inspiration to the rest of the world. The Disney vision, Walt originally planned has completely transformed the leisure industry with its unique storytelling, continuing to captivate guests from all around the world.…show more content…
The well known classic Disney tales we have grown to know and love has gravitated towards the roots of traditional storytelling, capturing the technicalities of park design with the combination of imagination and engineering, signifying the importance of creating a identity that supports the story of that place .Walt Disney ultimately significantly impacted the society, pioneering new fields of creativity and imagination, revolutionizing family entertainment and
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