Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog

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I feel that the visual arts are one of the most powerful and effective means to convey a message. So, yes, I do think that the visual arts are still as, or maybe even more, effective in conveying messages to the public. There are many forms of visual arts (paintings, sculptures, photos, films, etc.) and there are also many instances in which artists have used these different forms to convey a message or even express an opinion on a political or any other type of agenda. The nineteenth century painting, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich, for example, would be, in my opinion, an example of an artist using a painting to convey an emotional message. The painting portrays a man standing on rocky ground, gazing into a wide and, seemingly, eternal foggy abyss. I think that Friedrich was trying to convey emotional messages of mystery and wonder, but also hope through this painting. …show more content…

I have seen that films, for example, have been one of the most commonly-used media for artists to convey a message, in fact I have realized that almost every single film produced carries with it some type of message. Specifically, the 2004 science fiction film, The Day After Tomorrow, for example, is a film that visualizes the catastrophic effects that severe weather events, impacted by the climate, can have. While the occurrences of the movie can be viewed as a bit outlandish and scientifically inaccurate, I think that the director and producers of the film were sensible in their efforts to send a message of caution regarding the negligent way that people treat the environment, that there can be extremely real and detrimental consequences if proactive steps are not taken to be more conscientious about the swiftly changing

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