Warlord Rule and Sun Yat Sen's Inability to Achieve the Aims of the Three People's Principles

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Warlord Rule and Sun Yat Sen's Inability to Achieve the Aims of the Three People's Principles

I agree with the statement only to a small extent. The period of
warlord rule was particularly chaotic in China. However, even when
order was being restored again, the aims of the three people's
principles were not all being achieved. Therefore, I feel that warlord
rule is not the most important reason as to why Sun Yat Sen was unable
to achieve the aims of the three people's principles.

The three people's principles are the principle of nationalism, the
principle of democracy and the principle of the people's well-being.
The first one is Sun Yat Sen's aim to unite the whole of China. As for
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During this period, it was also a time of lawlessness. The warlords
fought each other as they hoped to gain control over a larger
territory. This brought about much suffering to the Chinese people.
Sun Yat Sen's principle of democracy is not being upheld as these
warlord ruled over their area like a dictator. These warlords
exploited the people under them, like the peasants. Thus it is clear
that Sun Yat Sen's principle's are not being achieved or even upheld.
He, himself could not do anything as his party and government was
still too weak. However, this period of warlord rule is not the only
factor that prevented him from being unable to achieve his aims.

Due to the disunity in his party, Kuomintang (KMT), he could not
achieve the aims of his three principles. Before he can actually unite
the whole country, he would need to unite his party members. He often
met failure when he tried to reunite the country due to internal
squabbles in his own party. They often argued over the third
principle. Some party members wanted the land of the landlords to be
taken away from them, and come under state ownership. However, there
were others who disagreed. Therefore, this made it very difficult for
Sun Yat Sen to get his party members to work together to achieve his
aims. He soon realised he had to reorganize his movement again before
he could actually topple warlord rule and unify…