Water Homeostasis

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Water Homeostasis To complete this worksheet, select: Module: Balancing Fluids Activity: Animations Title: Water Homeostasis

1. a. Water homeostasis is crucial to life. Define blood osmolarity. The osmotic pressure of blood/Measurement of the amount of solute concentrate.

b. What is the nephron’s role regarding osmolarity? Filtration, reabsorption & secretions c. What two factors regulate body fluid osmolarity? - Formation of a medullary osmotic gradient - The amount of ADH (antidiuretic hormone) present at the collecting ducts. d. Describe the collecting duct role relative to urine concentration. Depending on the body fluid …show more content…

Urea Recycling
a. Describe filtrate osmolarity as it enters the medullary portion of the collecting duct. Most of the water has been reabsorbed leaving urea relatively concentrated. b. Explain the urea recycling process. The constant transfer of urea between the renal tubule and interstitial fluid of the medulla.

5. Vasa recta Countercurrent Exchange
a. Explain why the shape of the vasa recta plays an important role as blood travels through these capillaries. The shape

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