Wearable Gadgets And Wearable Technology

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1.1 Wearable Computer
A wearable Computer is a computing device accumulated in a way which allows it to be worn or carried on the body, at the same time as still having the user interface set for use at anytime and anywhere. It makes computing achievable in all situations where even a laptop would be too weighty to open up, boot up and interface. There are ample number of wearable devices is available in the today’s market such as smart watches, Smart Glasses, health and fitness tracker, special clothes and jewellery, and many more. In the simple words, wearable computing devices are the largest new innovation in the current technology from the time when the Smartphone introduced – and the possibilities are never-ending. Moreover, wearable tech has gone conventional, and the most recent devices on the globe are now ones which you can put on your wrists, arms and faces. Generally, Wearable Computer planned for commercial use such as a unique user interface design, augmented reality, pattern recognition, electronic textiles and fashion design.
However, this documentation special focuses on one of the latest and interesting technology which is Google Glass and further discussion is about area of information management in Google Glass, use of Google Glass, its limitation and benefits.
1.2 Google Glass
Google Glass is categorised as a Wearable technology with an OHMD (Optical Head-Mounted Display). Additionally, it is a wearable and voice-controlled Android device to facilitate a…
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