Wearable Technology Research Paper

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Why wearable tech in apparel and footwear is so exciting
Wearable technology mainly identifies the incorporation of technology in regular accessories that will impart greater easiness in boring activities. In the past days, the Wearable technology has been centered at the wrist, but just lately conversation has broadened to your clothes (Yahoo/Levi's Project Jacquard) and footwear like the Nike E.A.R.L. The near future is enjoyable and filled up with possibilities. There were considerable advances in neuroscientific wearable technology. Many breakthroughs have been made that have made our day-to-day life easier. Anyone who's acquainted with the fashion tech knows the new smartwatches which were released. This technology is designed to provide us faster usage of our technology, in that way saving commitment.
This technology will come in all sizes and shapes. Watches attended quite a distance from …show more content…

Data gathered by wearables may be used to predict an elevated threat of a probably fatal health event and alert health care providers.
Empowering patients
Most patients want a job in increasing their health. The unit is allowing patients to connect to their health insurance and lifestyle behaviors in an unparalleled way. Patients who are usually more alert to the immediate repercussions of these lifestyle choices tend more motivated to improve and understand long-term results as well.
Consumer-focused, affordable devices such as the smart footwear will definitely be considered a critical element of the continuing future of professional medical for which the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a vital role. As the industry shifts concentrate to positive patient benefits, the great things about incorporating wearables in specific patient treatment and inhabitants health management are progressively

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