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Most small or large business owners are experts in their given field; therefore, they choose to hire experts in other fields. When you purchase a TV from Sam’s, you expect it to come with all of the components. If the power plug or the remote control is missing, you call the store for the missing part. When you buy a chicken salad from McDonalds, you expect the chicken to be a part of the salad, when you purchase a hamburger From Burger King you know beyond the shadow of doubt that somewhere in between the buns, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo that there is a hamburger on that bun. When you are taken to the hospital for emergency heart surgery, you expect to have complete heart surgery, you understand that there will be a hefty bill for …show more content…

Dialog design has to do with the back-and-forth between a user and a Web site. Typically, the user enters a site (through a link, a bookmark, or by typing a URL) and is presented with a page. The user spends some time looking at the page, and then clicks on a link or a browser button. The system responds by presenting a new page. The user looks at that, then clicks somewhere. There is an interaction between the user and the Web site. With any luck, the Web site is responding to the user's actions in a predictable way, and the user, in turn, is reacting to the Web site. This can be seen as a conversation between user and Web site, or between user and site designer. The objective of good dialog design is to facilitate the user finding the page he/she is looking for (i.e. the page or pages on which the desired information resides) in the most effective way possible. The quality and efficacy of a particular dialog design can only be assessed in the context of its use: specific users performing specific tasks. Nobody's job description reads, "use the computer". Instead, workers are responsible for specific tasks, and given the necessary tools to accomplish those tasks. The computer is such a tool; the Web site becomes such a tool. Thus effective dialog design is directed towards facilitating task completion in an accurate, comprehensive, and rapid manner. Now given the scope of work, a designer might state that unless a contract is

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