How To Write A Narrative Essay On Weight Loss

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18 Weight Loss: My Commitment to Fabulous I am FAT. I know, I know … it’s what’s inside that counts, if people judge you by your looks you really don’t want those people as friends, there’s nothing wrong with not looking anorexic, there’s just more of me to love … I’ve heard it all. And I am flat-out tired of the euphemisms. In January our family went on vacation and we saw this hugely obese woman (I am 115 pounds overweight, so I tend not to comment on others’ size, but she was VERY big) and my precious little girl says, “Look Mommy, she has a big belly just like you!” After a repeat of that comment when we saw a friend who was two days away from giving birth, I could no longer tell myself that I look great for my size, that I dress well for my body type, or any other of the given comments I would make when I looked in the mirror. No more will I go into dressing rooms and leave depressed. No more will I eat to fill my time and appease emotional needs. No more will I excuse being fat as “that’s just the way I’m built.” Once upon a time I was a size 6, with only 11% body fat. That was ten years ago. I put on weight as result to an emotional trauma, kind of a coping mechanism. And now I stand and tell people I’ve gained the victory over that particular part of my past. Now, I want to LOOK like it! I’ve had two kids, but I still want to look “hot” for hubby … I still want to have the energy to chase my kids around the yard and actually be small enough to help my little boy

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