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The Month by Month Wellness Guide to a Healthy 2008!

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When the New Year kicks in, do you start thinking about all the healthy things you should have been doing, but didn t in the year that just ended? Then you re like most of us. Procrastination is the commonest crime most of us are guilty of when it comes to scheduling wellness checks and adopting healthy lifestyles.

Here we ve created a month-wise checklist to make this coming New Year s wellness resolution more achievable for you! Follow our look-after-yourself-plan for this year, and you will be glowing with health for the next decade (and more)!


Kick the butt.

You know it s bad for you. And what s more, it burns a deep hole in your pocket! You have
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This could be in the form of brisk walking, swimming, jogging, a game of tennis, or any activity which you enjoy. Or sign up for a gym membership as an avenue to start exercising. Find a friend to exercise with you and it will definitely keep you more motivated!

Besides watching the scales dip, you get to keep high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes at bay while also strengthening your immune system and upping your energy levels.

Welcome a trimmer, zippier, and new you in 2008!


Defend your liver.

Protect yourself fromt hose horrible summer and humid monsoon season - get yourself vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B in April. The viruses are terror bugs that attack the liver and can almost be deadly. Their impact, and mode of transmission, varies widely. The symptoms range from jaundice (yellow eyes, yellowish colour of skin), fever, fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and nausea. Watch out especially for Hepatitis B, which causes chronic damage to the liver, even cancer, and a fifth of the patients die of the disease.


Get that diet right.

Ditch fast food, deep fried snacks, energy drinks and caffeine kicks. Get your regular meal plan sorted out this year, and you will be on a high everyday of your life.

According to a study published on the British Medical Journal, a polymeal - regular feasting on a combination of garlic, dark chocolate, almond, fruits, vegetables and
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