Wenu Se Goli Analysis

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Music plays an integral role in today's world, it not only soothes the soul, but it also inspires people and tells stories of the past and present. It is a combination of personal, social and cultural significance. Lull states “Music promotes experiences of the extreme for its makers and listeners, turning the perilous emotional edges, vulnerabilities, triumphs, celebrations, and antagonisms of life into hypnotic, reflective tempos that can be experienced privately or shared with others” (Lull 1987,1). In Africa, music is a core foundation of their social life as it retells stories of the forgotten past as well as, giving voice to those people who are oppressed by either political or cultural factors (Impey 2008, 35). Therefore, in Africa, music can trigger a collection of past experiences and represent the intentions of a group of people (Impey 2008, 35).
With that said, the essay will focus towards South Africa and their use of the musical bow specifically the umrhubhe. It will look at the history, the characteristics, and how the musical bow is used within South Africa. Additionally, a brief analysis of Madosini’s song Wenu Se Goli will be integrated into this essay. The analysis will be conducted by applying some if not all of the listening parameters.
In South Africa, the musical bow is one of the most prevailing and distinctive musical instruments (Rycroft 1996, 84). There are a wide variety of musical bows available in South Africa than in any other part of the world
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