What Archaeological Evidence Is There for Work and Business in Pompeii?

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What Archaeological Evidence is there for work and Business in Pompeii?

Like many towns in the Roman Empire, there were many jobs in Pompeii, and due to the fact that very few people had kitchens, many people owned restaurants, bars and various other “food shops”.
As well as food shops other popular businesses included Fishmongers, Merchants, Weapon Smiths, Farmers and many more, most of the workers were however slaves.
Due to the fact that Pompeii was so close to the sea, a common job for the residents was fishing, and because almost everyone went out for food almost every day, no matter if the fishermen sold the fish to restaurants or directly on the street, they could still make a good profit. Fishing was an even bigger
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Evidence has also been found of graffiti promoting Fullers and Launderers believed to be early forms of advertising as well as showing the more decadent side of the city.

There is a lot of evidence for business in Pompeii, mostly found in and around the forum and macellum, there is little evidence from the corpses found but a lot of equipment has been uncovered from various jobs. The forum and Macellum both played a big part in the lives of the residents of Pompeii; whether they worked there or not, it is likely people visited them very often to buy and sell. A lot of the jobs in Pompeii were well paid, and because of this, it was quite a wealthy

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