What Are Some Stress Management Techniques Used To Be Used For Managing Future Stress?

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Personal Stress Management Techniques
Re-read the information in Chapter 11 that covers methods of managing stress. Write about the methods you have used to reduce your stress. Discuss which methods were helpful to you and which were not helpful in reducing your stress.
Methods that I have used to reduce stress and that have been helpful, include goal setting and time management, taking care of physical self, talking to others, and positive thinking. “Stress and burn-out can come from the feeling of too much to do and little time in which to do it. One technique for stress management is to define short-term goals and lifetime goals and prioritize the tasks necessary to achieve them. In addition, high priority …show more content…

Stress management methods I plan to use for future stress include relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing relaxation, mediation, and progressive muscle relaxation. “Deep-breathing relaxation involves stopping thoughts about day-to-day concerns and concentrating on breathing processes and continued practice of this technique will enable a person to become more relaxed when confronting a tense situation” (Zastrow, 2015, p.388-389). When looking at meditation approaches they include being in a quiet environment free from external extractions, being in a comfortable position, having an object to dwell on and having a passive attitude and not thinking about day-to-day concerns. In addition, the progressive muscle relaxation is another meditative approach that is based on the principle that when muscles are relaxed a person is not anxious. Furthermore, in the past I have used meditation approaches and they have been very helpful in reducing stress and making me feel relaxed and calm. In addition, I feel exercising more in the future and on a more daily or weekly basis will also be another way to manage future stress.

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