What Are The Problems Of Fast Food And School Lunches

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The way that society views health nowadays is appalling. You can take a ten minute drive passing about two blocks down any main street and see nothing but fast food restaurants at each corner. Now, if students are not learning the proper way to manage their health, it's more likely that they will be eating at those fast-food restaurants from day to day. This is why there is an importance to educating these students at school as well as providing them with the healthy options of food that they need. Administrators and principals are the ones who need to care and look out for the students, so this issue should be a top priority. I'm going to focus in on the problem that I believe is affecting the health of students: the dispersal of unhealthy snacks from a day to day basis all over campus. Although some may oppose my views and think that there is no way to change the food system within schools, I believe that by going to administration and getting the right tools to change it, we can start distributing healthier foods in cafeterias and promoting a fit lifestyle to the students.
The way that I will get my proposal in action is by presenting how many similarities there are between school lunches and fast food meals. Since kids were little they were told by their parents not to eat junk food for breakfast or not to eat sweets every day, but what’s the difference with them eating unhealthy school food on a day to day basis. In, School Lunches vs. Fast Food , Diana Gamble states,

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