What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Pre-Workout Supplements On The Body

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My Research task is based on the effects that Pre-workout and Post-workout supplements have on the body. There is much debate in the body building and fitness world as to whether these supplements can be harmful and if they make a difference in performance and outcome in training. My aim is to determine whether Pre-workout and Post workout have negative or positive effects on the body and whether they make a positive or negative difference on one’s training. My hypothesis is that Pre-workout and Post-workout have mainly positive effects on the body and that these supplements will have a positive effect on one’s training.
A pre-workout is designed to help you perform better for longer. They are also designed to increase energy levels, while assisting in muscle blood flow, recovery, protein synthesis and more, but the main function is increased blood flow to the working muscles. Pre- workout is found in many different forms such as powders, tablets or pills and gels.
Whilst a post-workout is used to replace nutrients lost while exercising. Post workout helps in fast recovery of the muscles after exercising. It is taken after a full …show more content…

In summary the pros are as follows: increase in mental focus, stamina, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Pre- workout supplements provide more energy which increase the time till fatigue. It states that supplements containing caffeine, B-Vitamins, Amino Acids, Creatine and beta-aline are the cause for the benefits of pre- workout. However, the cons of pre workout are that the caffeine could cause the heart to be at a dangerously fast rate and cause an irregular heart beat as the product is used for aerobic exercise. If a person has any previous medical conditions to do with the heart they should not take pre-workout supplements. A patient should ask medical advice before consuming a pre-workout otherwise there could be negative

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