What Are Three Elements Of Motivation

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According to Robbins & Judge (2017), Organizations can exploit the use of three elements of motivation to actively engage their employees. Motivation is the art and essence that spurs human behaviour. The various methods exhibit how motivation can directly and/or indirectly influence an employee’s thought process and actions. Huczynski & Buchanan (2016) also shared that Behaviour Theorists claim Intensity, Direction and Persistence as the three elements needed for motivation. Therefore, these aspects are vital in putting a conscientious effort towards attaining organizational goals. As mentioned by Robbins & Judge (2017), in the case of Easy Printing, high intensity does not necessarily lead to favourable performance outcomes. The work quality can also be affected. Within two weeks of taking over the reins, the new …show more content…

According to Schermerhorn (2011), the theory’s notion is that employees become de-motivated with their jobs and employers, when they feel their inputs are not tangible with their received outputs. They respond by becoming de-motivation, disgruntled, and disengaged. The idea of Equity Theory explains that individuals are generally motivated by fairness, unless subjected to inequities or biasness. They drive to eliminate the feeling of discomfort and seek to readjust their inputs to reach their perceived equity. In the case of Easy Printing, Mr. Lim felt disappointed and dejected towards Mr. Toh who became the new manager without experience. Mr Lim felt his long tenure was not recognized by the organisation when he was not given the opportunity as the new manager. Instead, he had to resolve issues related to team cohesion and organisational goals. Mr. Lim’s role as a supervisor was already made limited by Mr. Toh and the new restructure gave more autonomy to the employees. Hence, Mr. Lim felt that the setbacks were not

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