What Can Individuals Do For Prevent Crime?

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What can individuals do to prevent crime?

You are most likely to be a victim if you are un-aware of what’s going around you. Criminals mostly aim groups / individuals who seem weak.
Here are some guidelines for individuals to maintain their safety anyplace they are.
Knowing the surrounding around you and being ready for everything that might give you a danger. You have to observe the people in the area and don’t ever look like you are confused/lost. Evaluate the sense of you being at risk. Make your daily/frequent route and avoid remote areas. Don’t overload yourself with heavy belongings which may block your sight or mobility. E.g. a bulked briefcase/purse. When under crisis, you may have difficulty to defend yourself. Use a money-belt to carry your cash and important documents. Don’t display/hold any cash in the public.
Walk away from doorways and alleys. Don’t wear headphones; If you do, use low volumes or one of the plugs so that you hear what’s coming from behind. Change your routes often as there may be chances of you getting plotted and it makes you predictable. Cloth yourself with something reflective when you are going to travel at night. Always carry a proof of identity as it may help you in many ways.

On Public Transit

Avoid isolated transit halts as criminals prefer isolated location to target upon. Prefer to be near the driver or emergency section. Be awake and sound enough while travelling as there are chances of you being pick-pocketed. Don’t put your…
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