What Contributions Have Feminist And Gender Approaches Made For The Development Of International Relations Theory?

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What Contributions Have Feminist/Gender Approaches Made to the Development of International Relations Theory?

Feminist theory has brought awareness of women’s voices, previously unheard in the International Relations (IR) discipline, and has refocused the lens to a more gender-focused view, which has exposed cultural biases within IR. In this essay, I will argue that feminist theory is necessary to understanding women’s points of view and alleviating their plight within International Relations. Firstly, I will outline the liberal feminist perception, examine it in practice and review the critiques. Secondly, I will explore the post-colonialism theory of feminism and show its benefits in practice and its common critiques. Lastly, I will present a summarizing statement that reveals the contribution that the feminist movement makes to international relations as well as some of the overall weaknesses present in the movement. It is worth noting that I have picked these two theories out of the many because post-colonial and liberal feminism have key differences that allow for a straightforward comparison; however, they also have similarities that have lead to success stories (which I will explore further below).

Before beginning the discussion, it is necessary to explain why many of the examples presented in this paper are from Latin American countries—in particular Chile and Argentina. To provide some basic background, those two countries exhibit an interesting dichotomy of…
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