What Does It Mean To Be A Self-Directed Learner?

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A self-directed learner is comfortable with independence. He is reliant on his network to learn effectively. He must take initiative to do things he must do and not wait for someone told him what to do. A self-directed learner views problems as challenges, not obstacles. He has a growth mindset when thing do not go as planned. A self-directed learner is self-confident. He always believes in himself that he could achieve every goal. A self-directed learner has a strong desire to learn or change. He has will to get knowledge and views learning as a positive way forward. A self-directed learner is able to organize his time to work productively.

An intrinsically motivated learner has a mindset of planning what information he studies. He does not act for rewards or pressure. He explores learning is interesting and enjoyable. He desires to find solutions in challenges. An intrinsically motivated learner always pursues his goals in a strong and dynamic manner.

An active learner is an active listening and reading in classroom. He will focus on what others say. For example, an active learner takes part in discussion forum to understand critically opinions of classmate then he will comment, ask questions and gave his own opinions, discuss actively with everyone in …show more content…

Firstly, I would make a time schedule for daily activities. I would analyze it everyday to get what I need to do. Secondly, I would complete homework such as written assignment and learning journal before submission day and investigate it to avoid rush. Thirdly, I would read and learn by heart everything in Reading Assignment as well as exploring concerned materials to have a deeper understanding of certain problems in units. Fourthly, I would build mindset of strong willingness to do everything for my studies. No matter how hard is it, I believe I could face and overcome the challenges. Finally, I would connect actively to classmates to learn

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