What Does It Mean You Be A Hum Constantly Changing Definition

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What Does it Mean to be a Human: Constantly Changing Definition There has been an ongoing debate within psychology circles as to what makes greater impact on a person’s behavior – one’s genetics and inheritance or upbringing and surrounding. There are numerous proponents on both sides. It is a conventional wisdom for everybody that certain physical characteristics are predetermined before we are born as they come from genetics: color of the eyes, hair, body structure, color of skin etc. Each person has its own unique genetic code. This fact has led many scientists to think that a set pf psychological characteristics are predetermined too. For example, mental abilities, behavioral patterns, speed of speech etc. This is a so-called biological approach which sees a person as a number of genes that predetermine both its physical and behavioral patterns. Every genetic code has its program and it unlocks different personal features with time (McLeod). For example, during puberty a person’s body significantly changes its shape; moreover, the urge of libido wakes up as well as if it was turned on by a biologically predetermined program. However, when it comes to a person’s behavior many scientist believe that biological approach is too limited and leaves out years and decades of personal experience, individual reaction to external factors and social influence. Their attitude as to what it means to be a human being is completely the opposite. This approach in psychology is called

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