What Does My Name Mean To You Essay

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Part I: Here I Am My name is Andrew Ka Yiu Wong. I am 13 years old. Ka Yiu is actually my Chinese name but I prefer to be called by Andrew. The name Andrew is very popular in the United States. We have two presidents named Andrew: Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson. They are important heroes in the American history. Also, the fourth disciple of Jesus is Saint Andrew. I am very proud of my English name and respect it because it is my Christian name too. My Chinese name was given by my grandmother and it meant the protector of the family. Anyway, both my English and Chinese names are my favorite, and my birthday is on September 18th. I am 5’4” tall and weigh 112 pounds. I have a black hair and need to wear glasses all the time. I love singing …show more content…

I also did not study American history and culture. Luckily, I had Mr. Thomas for Religion and Mr. Sorrell for Social Studies, and they were very knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Under their guidance, I quickly caught up their classes and did very well on their exams. I particularly liked Social Studies because it inspired me to overcome adversity, do my best and become a good citizen when I grew up. In addition to working hard on my school work, I have joined Choir, Drama Club, Peacemakers and Altar Servers in the school and Parish since 5th grade. I have always wanted to be a member of the team helping people and making contribution to the school and community. In spite of having a great deal of difficulties and problems in the beginning, I have eventually done very well fitting in the school and the new community with the great assistance from my parents, sister, friends, teachers and staff. So far, I am satisfied with my accomplishment at school, yet I still need to continue working harder on my studies because I still have a long way to go. Meanwhile, I also need to be open-minded to new things, help people and make friends. In doing so, I am working toward my goal to be a good citizen in the

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