What I Go Out Of Media And Society Class

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What I Go Out of Media and Society Class On the first day of class, the question was asked why everyone chose Media and Society. Most of us were truthful or maybe semi truthful and said that it was a required course. The course was required for me, but I was eager to see what it was all about. I was hoping to learn about journalism and possibly how media affects the way people think. Boy was I back in the past. After a little coaxing; via reflections and videos, I started to understand this class and what I was learning from it. At first these images of things moving at a whirlwind pace overwhelmed me. I found from taking this class that I am very old school, much to my dismay. I feel this way for a number of reasons. For one I’m …show more content…

My digital camera is not even useful to anyone but me, cell phones are the new cameras. Syncing my Fitbit with my Android phone seemed to be a feat that could be done by a toddler. The faster I learn the more things change. Although I’m slow on the tech talk, the class did make me realize that while tempting, I’m not fast to pick up these new gadgets. I don’t really have an affinity for changing my phone or my computer on a whim. Moving on to the next best thing freaks me out. I just got comfortable with the Android I have now and the newest versions are out. As people may be able to see, I don’t like change. I reluctantly found this out while watching the videos related to class. More and more people are throwing away the outdated and buying the new, just because it is newer innovation. Not any eye opening experience; nonetheless, humbling. Humbling because via the class I found that whether I like it or not; to move forward my thinking will need to change. Without understanding change has to happen, I may be left behind. The most significant point that was instilled my thought of being old school was learning where technology is going. The changes that will come boggles the mind. Everything from cable to how people see their physician will change. Truthfully, I was oblivious to the aspects that will affect me; until Media and Society. I’m listening now, thanks to all the knowledge I have

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