What I Had Ate For A Week

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Many people question if they are truly eating correctly and getting the right amount of nutrients from their diet. Before college, I never really thought about this before because my mom is a dietitian: she always had well balanced meals and healthy suggestions. Now being an independent college student, I wonder if my diet is still balanced. In nutrition class we were given an assignment to record everything we ate for a week. I believed that this was a good way to analyze what I actually ate in order to compare it to the pre-determined daily recommendations. For the week of February 29th to March 6th, I recorded everything that I ate or drank. Each day, after a snack or meal, I would record the food I ate in the Lose It! App. After the week was over, I transferred the data to an excel spreadsheet where I created an appendix that included the amount of each food group and nutrient that I ate. Using the information in the appendix, I made two tables: one with just the food groups and the second with just the nutrients. Within those tables, I compared my daily average of food groups and nutrients to the recommended daily value. The objective is to observe the different types and amounts of each food group and nutrients that I consumed and if my eating habits are considered healthy. Table 1 contains, the information for the amounts of each food group that I consumed. The results drawn from table 1, for fruits, are that I averaged 0.86 cups per day while the recommendation is 2
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