What If You Should Be Considered A Snitch?

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If I were in this sort of situation and Martha was being tricked like in this case, of course I would do something to help Martha. What I would do is I would become Martha’s friend and would make sure that Martha never talks to those mean girls again so the mean girls wouldn't have anything bad to talk about Martha behind her back. But at the same time, I would secretly tell Martha that her friends were doing what they were doing and ask her to not tell anyone that I specifically told her so I wouldn't be called a snitch. Now a lot of people would just stand around and do nothing and not help Martha at all because they think that people would call them names. They also probably thought that Martha wouldn't even believe them, but who cares what people call you. All that matters is that you're helping someone else. Martha doesn't deserve to have people talking bad behind her back when she thinks they’re her friends. Wouldn't you want someone to tell you that your friends are talking bad behind your back. I would totally want someone to tell me that my so called “friends” are talking behind my back. Who would possibly want that? When someone calls you names, why should you care. If I was Martha I would totally find some new friends. Personally I would be her…show more content…
If you want to be a good person, which most of the people on the planet of Earth do, then you would do the right thing, and I believe that telling Martha the truth is a good thing to do. Also, being a good person also means that you need to put someone else's needs before your needs. Those are the reasons why I would tell Martha that her friends aren’t actually her friends without being called a snitch. Then at the end I would become her friend and everything would be
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