What Is Mujirushi Ryohin?

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Mujirushi Ryohin or MUJI is known for a variety of good quality products including house hold goods, clothing apparel and food. The name itself in Japanese translates to “no-brand quality goods”.
In the image below is an image with simple packaging which MUJI is known for, MUJI wants the consumer to cherish more of the product than the packaging itself.
The story starts in 1980 when MUJI was founded. MUJI was founded because of the manufacturing process with creating simple, low-cost, good quality products. The simplicity would yield the ultimate universality to embrace the feelings and thoughts of all people.
The age range of many consumers usually vary from many ages as they value more in the people than the demographics of different age. …show more content…

But MUJI does not face competition with basic product style and philosophy.
As MUJI “cultivated a global customer base by proposing a simple lifestyle” MUJI is placed 19th in Interbrand’s 2017 Japan’s Best Global Brand list. With 870 stores worldwide as of 2017 Muji is growing on the market.
MUJI has a concept

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