What Is Plaguing Egyptian Culture

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Egypt is easily the most populated country in the Arab world boasting an impressive 82 million, living almost exclusively in three separate regions. Within this massive population there is a surprising little amount of religious diversity in this country, having over 90% of the population affiliating with the Muslim faith. This small yet densely populated country has many much more beneath its services, engulfing its government as well as its people.
(8) Racism is ingrained into the very genome of mankind, it effects the people of the world with hate or ignorance, and it is this combination that is plaguing the Egyptian culture. Egyptians are a very racist culture and they are blissfully unaware of this. The cause however is due to the hate they have received throughout the years. Even the Egyptian leaders are not immune to being discriminated against. In 2013 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Was receiving hate calls on his cell phone and when reported to the police they responded with “why should we believe you?” No one
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With high mortality rates, and police brutality focused on the younger population it is a surprise to see the age of adult hood staying where it is at. (7) This social unrest comes from the dictator ship caused by the three generals that have been ruling the people of Egypt. The revolutions in 2011 were made to end this, and sadly it did not succeed, although the generals had stepped down from power the military still received emergency powers, with no guarantee the powers will be returned to the people.. The Egyptian people where tired of the higher dictating everything from an unfair advantage that left the people of Egypt without a voice, this needed to end. Little had changed after the revolution, police brutality was still violent and corrupt, and the sexual assaults of woman still remained an
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