What Is Project Success From My Perspective?

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How to define project success from my perspective?
In recent decades, a set of issues have been triggered by the fact concerning how to define project success. Some claim that the traditional views are still suitable to define project success, such as under budget, within schedule and acceptable quality. These traditional criteria are well-known as “Golden Triangle” or “Iron Triangle”, which has been used to assess project success over several decades. However, these criteria have been criticised to be more insufficient and inadequate for modern projects by others. ( Atinkson, 1998; Baccarini, 1999; Baker et al. 1988; De Wit, 1988; Munns and Bjeririmi, 1996) This is largely due to the fact that more elements should be covered in modern projects such as stakeholders’ requirements, customers’ satisfaction, environmental problems and long term benefits. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate why traditional project success criteria become insufficient and suggest adding some new criteria to measure project success.

Some opponents claim that traditional project success criteria only focus on project management success but project products success. According to Baccarini, project success could be separated into two categories. One is project management success, which focus more on project controlling, planning and other related process and in particular the final achievable project overcomes with regards to “Golden Triangle”. (Baccarini, 1999) The other is project products…
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