What Is Pseudo Listening

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Often times I tend to have trouble consistently listening to a person talking. I particularly have trouble when they speak for an extended period of time. Some of the listening problems I tend to have are pseudo listening, selective listening, and evaluative listening. The situations that these habits occur differ, but often stem from me being uninterested in what the other person has to say. Nobody can deny that the mind often wanders when listening to one speak. This is why pseudo-listening (pretending to listen while thinking about something else) is a problem, particularly for me. After observing my listening habits I noticed that as I listen to someone, a professor for example, as they give their lecture they will say a word or phrase that reminds me of something. I immediately stop paying attention to what …show more content…

This particularly happens when speaking to someone about politics. I have very strong opinions on certain current issues involving politics, such as abortion for example. Being that it is a highly controversial topic, there will always be someone who disagrees with your opinion. When someone tries to debate, or argue the topic, I don’t bother paying attention to their reasoning because I want to defend my stance more than anything else. Evaluative listening is likely my most detrimental listening habit, because when arguing, one should be listening to the opposing side’s reasoning, so one can form a proper rebuttal. Tying in to my problems with selective listening, when I’m listening to someone who I don’t care for talk about their personal issues and dilemmas, I will pay them no mind and offer them short responses such as “oh” or “yeah”. This is something else I should work on especially being an adult, it’s important to be mature when talking to someone you may not care for, but remaining cordial and

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