What Is Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner?

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
My passion is in psychiatric nursing. I am very much interested providing psychiatric care to the individuals suffering from chronic and persistent mental illness. Being equipped with over seven years of experience providing intense case management to this population, a non-RN position, I have finally found myself here. I attained my Registered Nursing (RN) license through the Entry Level Masters (ELM) program here at APU. My goal is to add needed competencies and skills to my existing experience as a case manager to be a successful Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). I find that my newly acquired nursing skills as well as case management proficiencies complement each other very well and are crucial to my future practice as a PMHNP. PMHNP provides care to individuals at risk for and suffering from psychiatric or mental health problems, taking the lifespan approach (from birth to death) (Thomas, 2013).
Understanding PMHNP competences and implementing them in my future practice is imperative as they directly affect the patient’s care and thus the success of my future practice. For the purposes of this assignment the following are the three competencies I will discuss in this forum: (a) leadership competencies, (b) quality competencies, and (c) policy competencies.

Leadership competencies

In addition to the core competencies of Advance Nurse Practitioner (ANP) PMHNP should,
“1. Participates in community and

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