What Is Required To Be Considered Masculine Or Feminine?

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What is required to be considered masculine or feminine? Is it based upon physical features? Or is it based upon the person’s personality? Unfortunately, in today's society gender is often associated with a person’s physical appearance. A man earns the label of being masculine through his substantial muscles, sharp look, extravagant attire and his remarkable height. Meanwhile a woman is labeled as feminine through her body language, make-up, physical features, social status, and exposing clothing. Gender characteristics should not be defined by physical attributes, they should be defined by the person’s personality. Personality is what truly defines a person’s gender whether a male or female. To have the dignity of being a man or woman, it is a must to behave like a gentleman or a lady. Today’s males and females feel like they have to fulfill the features of their gender, but the one they may be the most conscience about is their body features. Men focus on getting stronger to look tougher and compensate for their lack of being a gentleman towards women “ Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles”( Alex Karras). This quote talks on something men do not understand which is they should not only exercise their physical muscles, but also their internal muscles which are their politeness and kindness towards anyone. Men and society fail to see that internal features are more outstanding than physical features. Meanwhile women also focus heavily on their physique as
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