What Is The After-Effects Of The Syrian Civil War?

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One of the deadliest civil wars of the twenty-first century would hands' down have to be the Syrian Civil War. Since it started in March 2011 due to the lack of freedom and a demand for democracy within a corrupt government it consequently became this atrocious war that has been extremely hurtful not only to the government of Syria but also the people. In the photograph, we can see a glimpse of the tragedies currently happening due to the conflict with the people or “rebels” fighting for democracy while their president is running a dictatorship.
As we begin to analyze the photograph, we immediately see the after-effects of the airstrike in Aleppo. This is an image of two men carrying out two infants in the midst of the debris that this
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After several airstrike's from Assad’s government with help from the Russian government the city was left in total destruction. From a video of HRW we were informed that in one month alone, they killed over 440 civilians and 90 children, including being able to destroy houses, schools, hospital and many other things within the city of Aleppo, in a matter of moments everyone in the city lost everything they once valued. Which caused many people to flee the city and take refuge in other countries. Andrew Kramer from the New York Times speculates that one of the main reason why the Syrian government and Russia attacked Aleppo was to finish with the rebel groups especially ISIS. Also that it is a possibility that the ISIS leader was killed during this attack from Russia. Because there was such a desperation to leave the country to the point where people were making an irrational decision, it resulted in many people dying or being killed as they left Syria. For example, The Guardian reported that a 3-year-old child was found on the shores of Turkey after drowning. He and 12 others drowned to death while they were on their way to Canada looking for a decent life to live.
As the country is going through this civil war. and has been divided into two sides “The Rebels” and Assad’s government. Other countries have been providing money and weapons to both sides. Russia and Iran are one of the main ones helping Assad while on
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