College Vs University Essay

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1.What is the difference between a college and a university? Explain in five or more sentences.

University is an institution of higher education that provides undergraduate studies that leads to a baccalaureate degree. Also, graduate studies leading to advanced degrees in at least three academic and professional fields. Universities offer full undergraduate and graduate programs, there are multiple schools within its system.
College is a postsecondary educational institution that provides instruction beyond the 12th grade level in programs that meets the requirements for a associate, bachelor’s, or graduate level degree. Colleges offer more options and often don’t offer master’s programs.

a.Name two local universities that were once colleges

University of Florida and Keiser University are two local universities that were once colleges.

2. What is the difference between a public and private institution? Five or more sentences please.

Private institutions don't receive funds from state legislatures they depend on tuition and private contributions, this is why their tuition is much more than a public institution
The income of public money is why tuition is lower at a public institution. Private institutions are much smaller than public institutions and may have only a few thousand students. Public universities and colleges can be big, and some are huge. Private institutions keep classes small, with easy access to professors. At public

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