What Is The Importance Of The Title

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The title is extremely important it must be chosen with great care referring to the core contents of the paper. It will be read by thousands, where few will read the whole paper. An improperly titled paper will get lost and will never be read because if the title of the paper is improper the reader will think the information is as well. The title should also be informative but not to long something that will catch the readers attention. Don't forget to include the authors and institutional contact information of all the authors. We want to know who wrote the paper. Is it by someone, or an institution that’s trust worthy. Refereed article/paper is for you to inform the reader what the article is about and what you will be discussing about …show more content…

Next you conduct an experiment to test your prediction after that you analyze the results from the experiment. Lastly you rule out if your hypothesis is supported or if it’s not supported then you report your results as the final set. The introduction is very important you explain why you started this research it sets the stages well as providing clear information of the material so the reader can understand. You can give information of your hypothesis and your scientific question. Avoid going overload on detail make it simple for the reader to understand but at the same time make sure to be informative. Be aware and concise in the style of the paper. Provide why the study is relevant as well as the strong justification of your research. It’s important to give the readers a preview leaving them interested about the data to be presented. Most importantly you must state your research question, hypothesis. Material and methods have a purpose to describe and justify the experimental design so that the experiments could be repeated by others if so wanted. You must provide enough information so they can reproduce your work in their experiment. Its essential to give the details about specific protocols and reagents that you used in the experiment. Briefly describe and cite published work rather than giving a full description. Be conscious about going overboard and explaining to much. The results are very

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