What Is The Meaning Of Life? Essay

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What is the Meaning of Life?
The topic of life and its meaning has always been an obscure concept. Is life just about being prosperous and getting things done in time as if we are crossing things off a list or is there a deeper meaning to it? Before we go on I would like to ask this, what is the deeper meaning of life for you? This can be a challenging question for some because they might not have thought about this topic and or requires deep amount of discussion in oneself. Everyone will answer this question differently and based on their own life experiences and expectations. If you ask this question to young children they will probably say something along the lines of being happy, make a lot of money and have a big house and a great job. If you ask a middle aged adult the same question they would probably say something similar but including having great health, close relationships, finally finding their place in the world and being satisfied with what they have and where they are in life. As for asking the same question to older adults I would say that at this point deeper meaning of life for them would be something like being happy with retirement, what they have done in their lives, with who they became and are, deeper spiritual life and increasing closeness with the relationships that still remain. These listed are just some examples of how people at different points of their lives would answer this question. If someone would ask me this question right now I

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