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Ajeet Cour

1. Pebbles in a Tin Drum by Ajeet Cour; Translated by Masooma Ali; Published by Harper Collins

Author, activist, and social worker Ajeet Cour (1934 -), one of the best-known writers in the Punjabi language, believes that the arts and literature can help build bridges across cultures. She set up the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature, a unique track II (people-to-people contact) initiative to establish peace on the subcontinent.

Ajeet Cour began her career as a romance writer, but soon matured into a realist. Women’s issues and peace have always been the overriding concerns in her works. Her columns and writing have established her role as a crusader for women’s issues. Known for having pioneered the art of writing novelettes
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It is a very personal, candid, and touching account of her life although it is just the first volume. The second volume, published in Punjabi and Hindi as Koorha Kabara, has not yet been translated into…show more content…
She suffered 12 long, nightmarish years with him while he detested her for producing two daughters. Finally, unable to bear the trauma, she walked out on him and started life afresh. As a single mother in Delhi, she struggled to support herself and her daughters while working as a writer. She started her career in the 1960s as a teacher and the editor of the business journal Rupee Trade, which she ran for 32 years. Those were the days of extreme poverty but she savored her independence and managed to put life back on track. She also educated the girls at good schools. Delhi is unkind to most people, especially to women and Cour had many enocunters with powerful, scheming landlords. In 1974, she lost her younger daughter, Candy (just 19 years old), to a fire accident in France. Pebbles in a Tin Drum starts with a very moving account of this tragedy; heartbroken, Cour writes, “She has spent her childhood sharing her mother’s poverty and how she had to face her father’s temper and hatred. Things have just started getting a little
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