What Makes A Leader?

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What does it mean to be a leader? What qualities does a leader have? How do you become a good leader? Leader have many qualities that represent a wise person. There are leaders in everyday life and most of the time we don’t realize, their leaders. If we didn’t have leaders in life, nothing would get done and people would be clueless. Leader tend to lead when the time gets tough and people look to them. What happens if your leader is not a good leader? Your leader can also lead you into trouble and not be a traditional good leader. There are three leaders that come all in different times, Plato, Machiavelli, and Marcus Aurelius. These leaders aren’t at all from the same era, Plato was about 400 BC, Marcus about 200 common era, and Machiavelli about 1450 AD. These leaders all have different leading methods and show them through their writings. Of these three leaders I believe Marcus Aurelius is the better leader of the three. Marcus just like Machiavelli was an actually leader. Their ideas are is it better to be feared or love? Marcus thinks love, well Machiavelli thinks feared. The Plato side, is Platonism which is basically go with the flow type of leading, if you can’t control don’t worry about it. Unlike the first two Plato was never an actual leader. There are clearly different ways in which these leaders lead, they all have made clear texts for each style. To Plato everyone has a job, in finding these “jobs” you are put through certain tests to figure this out.

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