What Makes A Look Fashionable

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With this in mind, it’s also important to remember that although consumers play a major role in selecting styles, it’s fashion experts that are what truly makes a look fashionable in the first place (Farennikova and Prinz 98). This brings us to our next fashion condition which is that “individuals regarded as experts, though not necessarily fashion professionals, must endorse the look” (Farennikova and Prinz 104). This simply refers to how an expert, using their specific taste, will pinpoint and predict a certain trend that is then regarded in the media as fashionable due to the mere mention of it by these particular people of power. They can range from a public figure like Kate Moss to a familiar fashion figure such as Anna Wintour who, …show more content…

This being said, this expertise all depends on the level of fashion being compared originally; whether it’s anything from High Fashion to Haute Couture, the absurdly priced and impeccably constructed fashion which is by no means intended for the average wearer. Many of these pieces are mere exaggerations of the possible styles to arise from them (with their actually use being to remain on the runway and kept separate from the consumers), this fashion is different then mass-fashion which is something that experts do not have a say in regardless of the occasion. “In mass-fashion, they will tell us to take the trend to the streets; in High Fashion, the command is to worship.” (Farennikova and Prinz 100-101). This can be said for the Spring 2016 Gucci Collection which is both immaculately crafted and likely astronomically priced if its availability is an option at all. Unless you near future involves plans of wearing a magenta lace neck-ruff paired with a matching pink floral suit and blue sneakers in the coming seasons, it is unlikely you’ll be banging down doors in order to acquire this distinct look. This is why mass-fashion is selected and flourishes independently from experts, but they’re still the leading cause as to how you ended up with that eclectic style or look in the first place (Farennikova and Prinz 100).
As a side note, this can also lead to the topic of “timeless fashion” and whether or

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