What Makes Leaders Do Bad Things?

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Principles of Leadership

Good vs. Bad – What Makes Leaders Do Bad Things? Are people born leaders? No. Ethical leaders are born with the potential to be a good leader. If the potential is applied then that is when the individual becomes a leader. Environmental settings is what influences people to attain leadership skills.

Leadership is flexible and

WIIFM is a term that is used to determine “What’s In It For Me?” However, leaders who are open-minded overlook at their workers and ask themselves “What’s In It For Them?” They like to think about others rather than themselves.

Every individual that has the leader position does not mean that they are fulfilling it at their best ability.
Being a good leader may consist of having integrity and moral character.
Unethical leaders exist and may be out in the business world to cause harm. It will not only lead them to play upon the worse in people but also lead them into critical thinking and behavior.
A leader is someone that can influence others through verbal communication and actions. Leaders have to have a clear vision and/or purpose as to why they are in the position itself.
Good leaders can be good leaders but once bad influence comes around and the good leader picks up on those habits, does that necessarily mean that they are a bad leader? No.

Communication is what wraps around all around leadership. If there is no communication, no productivity is being taken into effect. It is a two-way street,

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