What Makes a Heroine in Julia Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies

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What make's a heroine
Every heroine needs something to fight for, something to get up for, and finally something to live for. Minerva, one of the four sisters in the novel, In the time of the
Butterflies, shows her heroine qualities. Some of these qualities are courage,fearlessness, and the most important love. Minerva is a heroine because she was willing to give up everything and pay the ultimate sacrifice for what she believed and showed courage,fearlessness, and love.
Courage is one quality every heroine is born with, whether they use it actively or not. Minerva said, “Papa,"I informed him,“you might as well get used to it. In a few years, we're all going to marry and leave you." ( Alvarez 12). Although the other sisters were afraid to …show more content…

Although one of Minerva's fears is to be loved, we see how she questions it against the revolution. Minerva reacted, I turned into the dirt path and crashed into the ford, making the bumper curl up and shattering the windows in the back ( Alvarez 59). Although she knows confronting her father will result in a punishment, Minerva still confronts her father about his affair. While fearlessness and courage are key attribute for any heroine, love is what makes them a heroine and not a vigilante
Love is what makes a heroine what she is. It is in love that one is able to lay down everything for their beliefs, sometimes even becoming martyrs. Maria Teresa wrote, manalo and Minerva have explained everything. A national underground is forming
( Alvarez 93). Minerva's love for freedom inspires her to become part of the underground revolutionist. Minerva said, " I want to go to the university." …"I've always wanted to study law (Alvarez 65). All her life Minerva has wanted to become a lawyer. Although her gender stopped her, she still pushed for it because she loved it. Maria Teresa witnessed, she is so happy. Minerva is so happy. Rain or no rain, this is a happy day
( Alvarez 88).Minerva has finally found love when she thought love was not meant for her. Here we see how she has found someone who shares the same dreams that she does.
When love is the heart, courage is the mind,

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